Christy Eidson

Southern fried humor, with a pinch of sass and a hilarious dose of attitude all work together to describe the comic entity known as Christy Eidson. Christy creates colorfully visual stories from her distinct southern point-of-view. She is a strong female comedian, but doesn’t like to be labeled just a “female comic”, because she can hold her own with the boys. Some describe her as “Roseanne Barr meets Jack Black” or “the Crazy red-haired girl”. On stage, she comes across extremely likeable and confident, yet unpredictable. Christy is highly energetic, charismatic, and has strong comedic timing. With this combination, she quickly grabs the audience’s attention and doesn’t let it go until she’s walking off the stage.

She has been doing standup for over ten years and been leading tour groups for over four.  She describes herself as cuddly-lovable! 

She wants to make you LOVE Music City as much as she does! 

See her this summer on:

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