Food Tours?

We aren't doing a food tour, but we know someone who is.  Check out our friends at

Where To Eat?

These aren't the tourist trap places or the newest, trendy places.  These aren't the places you find on some tourist hot-spot list that all the hip cool kids go to.  These are actually good restaurants with great food!

Writers' Nights

  1. The Commodore Grille in the Holiday Inn by Vanderbilt


  1.  Peg Leg Porker

  2. Jack's

Meat & 3

  1. Elliston Place Soda Shop

  2. Arnold's

  3. Puckett's


  1. The Stillery

  2. Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar

  3. Skull's Rainbow Room
  4. 412 Union

Nice Dinner Downtown

  1. The Southern

  2. Skull's Rainbow Room

  3. Merchant's

The Gulch

  1. The Pub

  2. Peg Leg Porker

  3. Ru San's